The first job of a good State Representative is to listen to the people and fight for their interests. Here are my thoughts on a few of the issues important to all of us, but please let me know others you would like to see me fight for on your behalf.

Jean Pretto



School Funding

Nice Pretto ShotOur state officials have failed to adequately support public education. My past experience as a teacher and now a school board member, has prepared me to be a more effective advocate for our children. I will fight for the increased funding of our public schools and universities need to prepare our young people for the jobs of tomorrow and for future success. 


Job Creation

Missouri can do a much better job of attracting and retaining good jobs that pay a living wage. We must encourage entrepreneurs with new start-ups and help existing businesses to grow. We must also effectively market our region to new businesses and industries to invest here. The state is failing to promote Missouri the way it should, causing us to lose out to more aggressive states.


End Pay to Play Politics

Multi-millionaires are allowed to give huge sums of money to Missouri elected officials who then support their special interest agendas. It amounts to pay to play politics. Our current Representative accepted $50,000 from a Joplin millionaire who wants to make sure consumers can’t sue his company for faulty roof shingles.


Support for Public Safety

Our first responders, police, firefighters and EMTS are our local heroes. They deserve to know the public and those in government have their back. As your State Representative I will support our public safety professionals and assist them in their mission to keep us and our families safe.


Defending Workers

Our current RepresAnti RTW Petitionsentative voted to pass so-called Right-To-Work legislation that would lower wages. Now over 300,000 signatures have been collected to put the issue on the ballot. This was bad legislation passed to make big corporations richer at the expense of working families. I support the REPEAL of Right-To-Work, protecting prevailing wage laws, workers’ compensation, and higher wages. 


Raising the Minimum Wage

People who work should be able to provide for their own families. The Missouri Legislature voted to block local jurisdictions from deciding on their own to raise the minimum wage. I support raising the minimum wage.


Helping Seniors & Veterans

Brother John Navy Retirement 09
Pretto with her brother upon his Navy retirement.

Our seniors deserve relief from high property tax bills when they retire. I will work to freeze property tax assessments for those over 65 years of age to help people afford to remain in their own homes. As the wife of a Vietnam era veteran I also strongly support those who serve this nation and will work to improve services for our veterans. 


Protecting Healthcare

Uncertainty about the future of healthcare at the Federal level is driving up insurance rates for everyone. It is possible Congress will shift many healthcare decisions and responsibilities back to the states. I pledge to do all I can to make sure critical Medicaid assistance remains available for those who need it and to keep the insurance market competitive to lower costs.


Rebuilding Infrastructure

St. Louis County is often hard-pressed to keep up with crumbling infrastructure, streets and public facilities maintenance. As part of any new statewide funding proposed for highways, I would insist on some revenue coming back to St. Louis County and local jurisdictions.